Campus Ministry Office Online

Fr. Gilbert Emmanuel P. Levosada, S.J.

Fr. Nono Levosada, SJ
Director for Formation
Fr. Alex Badiola, SJ
School Chaplain

Assistant Campus Ministers

Mr. Rick Flores
Mr. Jovan Chua


Mr. Nelson Peteros
Ms. Kirstin Kintanar
Ms. Desiree Salas

SIO Staff

Ms. Cristina Borres


The Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu Campus Ministry Office believes that the
transformation of our community is a major work of God’s grace and that personal and
communal spiritual formation is an ongoing process.
Mindful of the reality of spiritual formation and transformation, the office seeks to promote the
teachings of the Church and Ignatian Spirituality to all the members of the community as a way
of nurturing in them a life which conforms closely to the image and likeness of Christ.


The Campus Ministry aims to provide spiritual formation to students, parents, faculty and staff
through the online Campus Ministry Program.

The online Campus Ministry Program aims to:

  • Provide spiritual nourishment through recollections and retreats for students, faculty and staff,
  • Be united with the liturgical celebrations of the Church and strengthen the love for the Holy Eucharist through online Masses and Prayer Services,
  • Promote greater devotion to Christ, our Blessed Mother and the Jesuit Saints and Blessedsthrough prayers and spiritual readings, and
  • Develop in the students the sense of being “men-and-women-for-others” by encounters with our supported communities and through the initiatives of the Social Involvement.

CMO Online Services

Services for the Students:
Online Recollections and Retreats
Class Masses
Prayer Services (for Early Education, Grades 1 to 3)

Services for the Institution:
Weekday Morning Masses
Institutional Masses
Prayer Services: (Ash Wednesday, Advent Prayer Services)
Special Masses: Misa de Aguinaldo, Holy Week Masses

Other Services:
Requests for Confirmation Certificates
Mass Intentions
Devotions: Class Prayers and Novena Prayers to Patron Saints and Blesseds
Social Involvement Drives

Services for the Students

  • TIME FRAME: Recollections from Grade 4 to Grade 9 are half day, Grade 10 recollections will be one day; and Grades 11 and 12 will have one and a half day of retreats. All recollections and retreats will be done via MS Teams.
  • RECOLLECTION RETREAT ORIENTATION: The CMO will be giving recollection/retreat orientations to the entire class 3-4 days before the Recollection/Retreat Encounter.
  • CLASS MASS: Each class will have Online Class Masses in Zoom or Google Meet towards the last portion of the recollections/retreats. Arrangements for the Online Masses will be communicated to the students and the advisers as they come closer to the date of the recollections.
  • PRAYER SERVICES: Instead of recollections, the CMO will prepare Prayer Services for Early Education and Grades 1, 2 and 3. Most of these prayer services will be facilitated by the Advisers especially those that are in line with the Institutional Liturgical Celebrations.

Services for the Institution

  • WEEKDAY MASSES: Weekday morning Masses done at our school chapels will be broadcasted via facebook live in our official school page:
  • INSTITUTIONAL MASSES: Institutional Masses for various school celebrations, Prayer Services and Special Masses (e.g. Misa de Aguinaldo and Holy Week Masses) will also be broadcasted through facebook live.

Other Services

  • Requests for Confirmation Certificates of confirmand-students and requests for Mass Intentions are coursed through our office email: orthrough our staff-in-charge, Mr. Nelson Peteros:
  • The Campus Ministry supports the classes in development of habitual prayer and devotions to the Blessed Mother and the Class Jesuit Patron Saints/Blesseds. The CMO collaborateswith the class advisers in the familiarity and promotion of prayers and biographies of ourJesuit Saints/Blesseds.

Contact Us

For inquires and communications, the Campus Ministry and Social Involvement Office can be
reached through:

For Recollections and Retreats: Mr. Rick Flores

CMO Services: Mr. Nelson Peteros
SIO Services: Ms. Christine Borres

Globe/Viber: 0915- 874 3352
Sun: 0932- 181 7164