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Mrs. Lea P. Amores


Ms. Marisse V. Paraoan
Assistant Principal

Student Activity Programs

The Student Activity Program provides opportunities for pupils to be involved in a wide range of activities in the field of academics, interests, music, sports, leadership, service, culture and Ignatian spirituality.

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Assistant Principal for Student Formation

Welcome to the Grade School Department of Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu.

Keeping in mind the school’s objectives to offer the pupils quality education, the Grade School Department strives to carefully organized its curriculum and instructional programs not only to meet the requirements of the K to 12 Enhanced Basic Education but also to realize the Vision-Mission of the school.

In its quest for excellence and quality education, the Grade School Department of Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu has a certified Level III Accreditation status as accredited by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU).

The curricular program of the Grade School Department involves the following: CLF (the meaning giver of life), Filipino (pangunahing tagapagtaguyod ng kulturang fiipino), English (partners towards global connectivity), Mother Tongue (pag-alima sa sugbuanong kabilin ug kultura), Chinese (nurturing own culture), Mathematics (forming creative problem solvers), Science (forming Ignatian innovators for others), Social Studies (forming nation builders), and MAPECH (bearers of culture and the arts).

As we all know children come in different contexts in terms of their Learning Ability, Learning Preferences, Academic Motivation and even their Attitudes towards school work.

Varied and purposive enrichment programs are designed to provide more opportunities for pupils to further develop their talents, interests and giftedness in academics, arts and sports.

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs are designed to provide more opportunities for the students to enhance their giftedness in certain discipline.

Gifted Education for Math (Grades 5 & 6)


This program is offered to provide the advanced learners in Math the opportunity to further develop their potentials in critical thinking and problem solving by adapting the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Approach.

MAGIS Program

The MAGIS Program is an after school enrichment and extension of lessons that aim to provide pupils who have demonstrated extraordinary aptitude and ability in math, sudoku, science, current events, creative writing, eloquentia, spelling, information & technology (ICT), and music-angklung. Its goal is to create a “breeding place” for academic champions imbued with Ignatian competence and character.

Applied Music Program

The Applied Music Program provides special tracks in music that introduces pupils to appreciate and learn different instruments. Thus, it aims to train pupils to play and specialize in woodwind, strings, and piano instruments.

iLeAd Program


Integrated Learning through Adventure Education (iLeAd) is a two-day urban backpacking activity on building strong character, developing competence and inspiring active citizenship.

Liter of Light Program

The Liter of Light Project is a manifestation of the initial stride towards the goal of integral development and transformation. It captures the very essence of Excellence, Leadership and Service as the School celebrates its 60th year. The making of the eco-friendly solar bottles that enhances the scientific knowledge, skills and creativity in realistic and novel situations supports the development among pupils the concept on excellence. When pupils confidently innovate and adapt to embrace a changing world, engage others with positive, loving attitude in energizing oneself through heroic ambitions, it promotes leadership. And when pupils reached out to the peripheries as they distributed the eco-friendly solar bottle bulbs to 66 families, 10 to a barangay school and chapel, it is an expression of authentic service.

Ang Atenistang MensaHERO

The Atenistang Mensahero is a proactive response of the Grade School Department to the community’s call for hygiene, environment and nation building. It engages everyone to heighten one’s consciousness through a question and answer activity and by dropping 1 empty pet bottle on the bin as part of their corresponding answer. The environment office collects the bottles weekly. With the help of the student council, they sell the plastic bottles. The proceeds of which will be used for purchasing the liquid soap for the GS comfort rooms.

Sports Program

It is a comprehensive development program for sports offered to pupils who demonstrate competent skills, attitudes and values in the different fields of sports – archery, athletics, basketball, chess, football, futsal, karate, lawn tennis, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, triathlon & volleyball.

Chinese Cultural Summer Camp

This camp provides opportunities for pupils to appreciate further the Chinese culture through varied activities such as Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, painting, and Wushu martial arts. Moreover, the teachers from Huaquiao University Xiamen China handle the camp.

Intervention Programs

Different intervention programs are designed to pupils with difficulties to improve their academic performance and increase their chances of a successful transition from one level to the next.

Learning Support Programs in Reading, Filipino, Chinese and Mathematics

The Learning Support Programs for Reading (Gr. 1), Filipino (Grs. 1-6), Chinese (Grs. 3-6) and Mathematics (Grs. 2-3) are curriculum intervention programs that aim to provide the pupils with the opportunity to improve their academic performance and increase their chances of a successful transition from one level to the next.

After School Academic Program (Grades 3 - 6)

This program is an academic assistance offered to pupils who may be experiencing some difficulties in a particular subject/s (a grade of 79 and below). It covers what is presently tackled in class to assist the pupils in their requirements and to prepare them for the next class encounters.

Summer Academic Assistance Program in Reading, Language, Math, Science, Social Studies and Filipino

The Summer Academic Assistance Programs are designed to bridge and reinforce the basic skills needed for the pupils to proficiently meet the standards in order to prepare them for the next grade level.

Grade School Readiness Program for the Incoming Grade One Pupils

The Grade School Readiness Program in Math and Reading (GSRP) is offered to the incoming grade one pupils who have not met the proficiency levels in Math and Reading. The program aims to reinforce and prepare the incoming grade one pupils on the basic mathematical and reading skills to ensure their readiness for grade one.

Remedial Sessions

The Remedial Session is offered purposively to Grade One to Six pupils in different academic subjects. Identified pupils are given special instruction either in class or outside class to arrest and bridge any difficulty encountered. Such academic assistance allows pupils to cope with the lessons.