School Seal


The shield with the seven gold bands in a red field is the coat of arms granted by the King of Spain to the Onaz family whose seven sons fought valiantly for the King. On the other hand, the shield with two wolves standing on their hind legs over a pot of food represents the coat of arms of the family of Loyola who had also fought in many wars and were generous in feeding their soldiers such that plenty of food would be left in the pot (the Spanish olla) even for the wolves (lobos). Thus the name lobos y olla or Loyola, a family noted for its generous care for its fighting men. Ignatius’ lineage may be traced to the two families, Onaz and Loyola.

On the foreground of the shield with the seven stripes is the head of an eagle, a truly majestic bird. It literally outflies, outfights and outdistances all other birds in the sky. Like an eagle in flight, the Sacred Hearter is supposed to soar above the rest in all aspects of human endeavor. He is not to be content with mediocrity. He should strive to do better, be true to the Ignatian ideal of the MAGIS, to be more so he/she can do more for Christ and others. This is what academic excellence and being Man/Woman for Others is all about.