Student Services (DOSS)


Director, Student Services

DOSS Service Staff

Mrs. Karina Marie T. Pepito
Character Prefect for Grade School Primary Students

Mr. Francis Dann M. Singco
Character Prefect for Grade School Intermediate Students

Ms. Martha Mae S. Yap
 Character Prefect for Junior High School Students

Mr. Julius Bryan O. Yburan
 Assistant Character Prefect for Junior High School Students

Mrs. Maria Carmela D. Enricuso
Character Prefect for Senior High School Students

Mr. Jason D. Panoncillo
Assistant Character Prefect for Senior High School Students

Mrs. Rubina G. Peralta

Mr. Jason T. Decoy
Information Office Staff

Health Service Staff

Dr. Joesphine Y. Cubillan, M.D.
School Physician

Mrs. Maria Teresa A. Daniel, R.N.
School Nurse

Mr. Charles Artnken E. Dulfo, R.N.
 School Nurse

Ms. Katrina B. Sia, R.N.
 School Nurse

Ms. Pollen Ruth M. Montehermoso, R.N.
School Nurse

Discipline is a shared and complementary effort of all school authorities, “the substitute parents.” As a community that cares for one another, Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu views school discipline as a shared effort among adult community members – the teachers, staff and administrators. The Discipline Office and Student Services (DOSS) plays an active role in the observance and promotion of discipline.

The Discipline Office and Student Services (DOSS)

The following are the principal functions/responsibilities of the Discipline Office and Student Services (DOSS):

  1. Handles all matters pertaining to external order and discipline
  2. Implements the Code of Discipline, investigates all disciplinary cases, imposes proper sanctions and prescribes recommendations for improvement in the observance of school rules and regulations
  3. Supervises the Health and Food Services as well as the Security and Safety Services of the school

Student's Code of Discipline for Online Learning

The Character Formation Program

The Catholic identity and Jesuit trait of SHS-AdC make character formation an essential and integral element of its vision and mission. Our school’s character formation program is anchored on the core values that we uphold and protect: the 7 C’s (Christ-centeredness, Competence, Conscience, Character, Compassion, Culture and Community). It seeks to produce a breed of students who are excellent and competent not just in their academic endeavour and fields of interest but also in character. Our school aims at developing students who can make well-informed and responsible decisions and be accountable for the consequences of such decisions. Ultimately, we aim at leading the students to seek the right way.

With this program, the following goals have been set: to develop self-discipline among our students which includes setting limits and healthy boundaries; to develop a sense of responsibility and good judgment in their growth towards becoming a true disciple of Christ. In short, we aspire in enabling the students to become persons of character through discipleship in Christ.

Having said all that, the Ateneo Hearter is expected to develop a well-educated conscience. He will know that moral reasoning is not simply a case of applying universal rules to certain situations but begins with a desire and a commitment to do what is true, good and beautiful. He will appreciate his God-given gifts and will develop these to the fullest so he can share it with the rest of the community. He will value order and harmony and will take an active role in achieving it in his community. He will live with and through others, recognizing his needs and the needs of others and find a balance between them.

Jesuit education stresses the importance of bringing all those who are associated with the school into a community whose members care for each other. Here, the establishment of order is essential. If order is established, rules and procedures can easily facilitate in creating a conducive learning and formative environment.

As a community that cares for one another, we see character formation as a shared responsibility among all community members. Together with the following offices: DOSS, CMO, Guidance and Testing Office we invite you all to champion forming men and women of character.

Student's Code of Discipline for Online Learning

  • Students Code of Discipline for Online Learning - Click to view