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The Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu Arts and Culture Programs draw on the potency, power and relevance of culture, in particular artistic and expressive culture rooted in Ignatian ideals, to help build and maintain the core values of the school, promoting the competencies of the progressively growing community and building character of the recipient populace.

The thrust of achieving balanced programming is exemplified in the continuous enriching and engaging events and projects related to both international and local culture & arts appreciation and development of the students, and the school community in general.

Culture, Arts and International Relations Office delivers, strategizes, manages, and implements culture and arts (Chinese-Filipino and Foreign; Classical and Contemporary) as part of the curriculum enrichment, formation framework and spiritual-social outreach of the school for its constituents and the community. Furthermore, C.A.I.R.O. focuses on the following programs:

  1. Student-Artists Development
  2. Audience Development
  3. Venue Development
  4. Cultural Exchange
  5. International Immersion/Education

Its commitments and services include:

  1. To deliver and implement culture and arts programs;
  2. To recognize and acknowledge Ateneo Hearter’s artistic potentials and cultural & historical heritages;
  3. To develop and sustain artistic resources for the school’s community;
  4. To provide alternative artistic enrichment activities aligned with the academic requirements of the school for avenues of holistic and interactive educational environment;
  5. To create policies for the development of culture and the arts in the school;
  6. To lead in attaining a sustainable eminence in culture and the arts complementary with other institutions and schools in Central Visayas;
  7. To forge partnerships, linkages and collaborations with local counterparts, patrons, national and international culture and the arts funding institutions and agencies.

With this, C.A.I.R.O. synergizes efforts and work collaboratively for the following thrusts:

  1. Spark the student artists’ enthusiasm in strengthening culture and arts in the campus with inputs from cultural authorities in the field.
  2. Provide cultural educators and officers in the academe with additional knowledge on artistic programming, production management, financial management and audience development.
  3. Provide venues for discussions regarding ways in improving the current practices of cultural programming and artistic training in our school.

Let us together foster the bonds of COMMUNITY, COMPETENCE and CULTURE
with our partners in education and formation

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Director, Culture, Arts and International Relations Office
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